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An employee’s, salary plays a crucial part in their life and their family’s life. Their lifestyle, expenses, and investments depend solely on the receipt of that income. The employee budgets his salary based on the bills that are due and allocates a specific amount from his wages to pay for these expenses. Nothing crushes an employee’s morale and productivity more than finding out that his expected salary is not correct or worse, delayed.

Leeming Accounting Solutions is here to help you! With our efficient Payroll Services, south of the Perth CBD, we will make sure that your employees are paid correctly and on time.

Our Payroll Services includes the following:

General Payroll

Leeming Accounting Solutions will ensure that all company employees are paid the correct rates and for the correct hours worked. We will perform this complicated task with the expertise required that will ensure that our computations are reliable and correct. We also make sure that we deliver the general payroll services report summary on time, thus avoiding the delay of the payroll release.

PAYG Withholdings

Our payroll services also includes the processing of the Pay As You Go (PAYG) Withholding. The PAYG Withholding is the amount collected from payments you make to employees, contractors, and businesses that don’t state their Australian Business Number (ABN).

Leeming Accounting Solutions can calculate the amount that your company needs to collect from your employees as part of their PAYG Withholdings. This will save you the effort of doing this yourself and eliminate the possibility of you withholding, reporting and paying the incorrect amounts to the ATO.

Payroll for Small Perth Business

Your company’s payroll system is the heart of your business. Just because you are a small company doesn’t mean that you don’t need a payroll system that is usually being performed by a Payroll Department. But what if your company is just too small to pay for a Payroll Department?

This is where the payroll services of Leeming Accounting Solutions comes in.  We can prepare accurate General Payroll summary reports and forward them to you on time. There is no need to hire a full time Payroll Manager to do this task for you.

Payroll Tax, Workers Compensation Insurance, Employment Forms

As part of the requirement of the Australian Government, a registered business may need to register for Payroll Tax and/or provide Workers Compensation payments for an employee in the event of a work related accident. Payroll tax is state tax levied on the wages paid by the employers to their employees. It is calculated on the amount of wages you pay per month and collected in the state where your employee is based. However, your company will be exempted from the Payroll Tax if your total wages are below the minimum threshold declared by the state or territory you are in.

A company is required to provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance to any worker who suffers an injury caused by his employment or acquired while he was on official duty.  The Worker’s Compensation benefits include the following:

    • Incapacity payments due to lost earnings
    • Medical and related expenses
    • Lump sum payments for permanent disability or death

Every now and then, a company must also deal with Employment Forms. Leeming Accounting Solutions handles these stressful employee-related concerns for you and let you focus more on your business operations. Leeming Accounting is a qualified BAS agent ensuring you meet all your tax needs.


If you employ someone to work for you on a full or part time basis, you are required to provide him with entitlements such as annual leave and personal leave. With our years of experience in handling these matters, we can help you calculate and track the entitlements accrued for each employee.

Efficient and Electronic systems

At Leeming Accounting Solutions, we only use accurate electronic systems that enable us provide our payroll services effectively. This will assure your company that the payroll process will be simplified and more secured.

Payroll Software Bookkeepers Use

Different bookkeepers use different payroll software for their payroll services. However, at Leeming Accounting Solutions, we use Xero’s & MYOB Payroll Software.

Xero’s Payroll Software

Allows you a real time access to your data wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection and log in to your account.  It lets companies collaborate with their accountants while securing their date in a safe cloud storage.  It is user-friendly and easy to understand.

MYOB Payroll Software

MYOB, Mind Your Own Business, is an Australian multinational corporation that provides tax, accounting and other services to small and medium businesses

bookkeeping services

Local Payroll Services in Perth

Leeming Accounting Solutions serve clients who are in need of payroll services throughout Perth’s Southern suburbs including:

Ardross, Atwell, Aubin Grove, Banjup, Bateman, Bentley, Bibra Lake, Booragoon, Brentwood, Bull 
Creek, Cannington, Canning Vale, Cockburn Central, Coolbellup, Ferndale, Forrestdale, Fremantle, 
Gosnells, Hammond Park, Harrisdale, Henderson, Hilton, Huntingdale, Jandakot, Kelmscott, 
Kenwick, Langford, Leeming, Lynwood, Maddington, Melville, Mount Pleasant, Murdoch, Myaree, 
Naval Base, North Lake, O’Connor, Parkwood, Piara Waters, Riverton, Rossmoyne, Salter Point, 
Samson, Shelley, South Lake, Southern River, Success, Thornlie, Victoria Park, Welshpool, 
Willagee, Willetton and Winthrop.

The following postcodes:

6100, 6102, 6106, 6107, 6108, 6109, 6110, 6111, 6112, 6147, 6148, 6149, 6150, 6152, 6153, 6154, 6155, 6156, 6160, 6163, 6164 and 6165.